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SQIDEP Verified Webinar

SQIDEP Verified Stormwater Treatment Solutions in Australia

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP) is a uniform set of criteria to which stormwater treatment devices can be field-tested, evaluated, …

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Landcom Webinar

Landcom Initiatives for Housing Affordability and Diversity

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Join us in this webinar with John Brogden AM, Chief Executive Officer of Landcom. John will provide a strategic overview of the key Landcom initiatives …

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marko pavlovic webinar

Structural Integrity of FRP Structures and Connectors in Civil Engineering

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a new material in structural engineering practice and architecture. Light yet highly durable, FRPs are a promising solution …

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drainage for liveability webinar

Drainage For Liveability: An Innovative Approach To A Wicked Problem

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Urban drainage assets are typically thought of as serving only one purpose; flood mitigation. Beyond this function however, drainage infrastructure can and …

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simon toze webinar

Integrating Stormwater Into New Ways Of Managing Our Urban Environments

ABOUT THE WEBINAR In this webinar, we’ll talk about the need to increase stormwater treatment in our urban areas—bringing back some control into flooding events, …

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monitoring waterways webinar

Monitoring of Waterways, Wetlands, Sewerage Plants, Storm Waters Impoundments, Temporary Waters

ABOUT THE WEBINAR Join Dr. Robert Walsh of Australian Waterlife as he shares his expertise in assessing water quality and establishing baselines for monitoring ecosystem …

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