The Benefits of Incorporating Floating Wetlands in the Design of Urban Development Dalton Lake Report

30 September 2021


02:00 PM AEST


Join Griffith University Associate Professor Helen Stratton to discuss a floating wetlands case study from Dalton Lake, QLD. She will discuss the nitrogen cycle and how microbial communities contribute to nutrient and toxin reduction in waterways and an overview of the molecular methods used to analyse the floating wetlands’ microbiome.


Leon will be providing insight into the background, design, and installations of Floating Wetlands case studies in Australia. He will also go over the concept of the floating wetland design and how it is being effectively utilised to positively impact our waterways’ health while still providing a feasible and straightforward design solution for our ever-growing urban development projects.


Your Presenters:

helen stratton

Associate Professor Helen Stratton

Griffith University


leon attwood

Leon Attwood

QLD Team Leader at SPEL Stormwater

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