Vegetated Ecoshield

A New Line of Defence for Shoreline Protection and Bank Stabilization Vegetated EcoShield® is a living shoreline product that compliments flood protection by reducing wave energies and extending the life of shorelines, levee systems, berms, and terraces. It is lightweight, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance.

SPEL Vegetated Echoshield
SPEL Vegetated Ecoshield

"EcoShield® served an important role in stabilizing the berm material. If nothing was done, a significant portion of the seaward face of the berm would have been lost to wind and wave action." - Daniel Dehon, Manchac Consulting system

slope design shaping


A smooth surface ensures that base matrix layers will provide maximum protection without bumps and gaps.
matrix layers


Determining the correct number of base matrix layers for the energy environment ensures the appropriate amount of protective coverage from wave energies.
spel environmental position


Pre-vegetated matrix position strip at mean tide ensures the reduction in erosive waves and access to water to support plant anchoring, growth, and spread.
SPEL Vegetated Ecoshield

The Water Institute of the Gulf Endorsement

In 2015, Vegetated EcoShield® received the endorsement of The Water Institute of the Gulf, as an innovative technology for Shoreline Protection and Bank Stabilization. It has a reachable effect on reducing wave energies, stabilising loose soils, and promoting vegetative growth.

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