Detention, Retention & Conveyance

At SPEL Stormwater, we provide innovative solutions that can effectively reduce flooding.

These solutions can be used for different applications, including:
  • Car parks
  • Residential
  • Shopping centres
  • Detention Ponds
  • Design considerations for your project
When it comes to designing your storm water solution, our experienced team will offer advice and assistance. We’ll take the following factors into consideration to provide you with the best solution for your needs:

  • Catchment size
  • Pollutant protection for the receiving waters
  • Physical placement (including rainfall conditions, etc)
  • Type of contaminants
  • Flow rate
  • Risk analysis (nutrient & TSS inundation, spill containment)
SPEL Stormchamber
product selection


A heavy duty channel drainage system uniquely designed for industrial environments.

Storm Chamber

On open bottomed, high-density polyethylene infiltration chamber for subsurface retention or detention of stormwater run off.

ADS Pipe

A dual wall pipe engineered from high-density polyethylene.


An underground structural water storage system for rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention and infiltration.

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