Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP) is a uniform set of criteria to which stormwater treatment devices can be field-tested, evaluated, and reported. SQIDEP is driving best practice and standardisation in the stormwater industry.

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SQIDEP is an industry-formulated, independent evaluation process for verifying performance of technologies for improving stormwater quality.

It provides a uniform set of criteria to which stormwater treatment measures can be field-tested and reported. These criteria should guide and inform field monitoring programs seeking to demonstrate pollutant removals for stormwater treatment measures included in pollutant export modelling software. Future revisions of the protocol are anticipated to also include laboratory testing.

SQIDEP should be recognised to be a living document.

Two pathways are available for evaluation under the SQIDEP process. The first is the “Body of Evidence” pathway for those Submitters that commenced Australian field testing prior to the release of Version 1.3, 3rd January 2019.

The second pathway is the “Local Field Test”. This pathway requires the submission of a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for approval prior to commencing field testing, and then a Detailed Performance Report (DPR) upon completion of testing.

For more information on SQIDEP visit Stormwater Australia.

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