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SPELCheck is a modern and efficient web-application. SPELCheck is able to be accessed by authorised users from any modern web-browser on workstations, laptop or tablet computers, or from Apple, Android, and Windows Smart Phones/tablets via the free SPELCheck App.


This means that SPEL service technicians and clients are able to use standard smart phones or tablet computers to record service details in the field; eliminating the need for expensive, specialised scanning equipment. The SPELCheck App enhances efficiency by enabling scanning functionality on smart phones/tablets. It should also be noted that SPELCheck also operates offline, allowing service details to be recorded where there is no mobile phone connection available. Information entered when off-line is automatically synchronised when the phone/tablet comes back in range.

SPEL Check Checks Page

The SPELcheck module will include specific functionality to support maintaining the service history for SPEL Puraceptors. A SPEL Service technician will scan the QR2id Plate associated with the Puraceptor, or locate the device from a list using the “Near By” function and GPS (see Figure 2). This will display details of the device and options to record service details and/or photos relevant to the service (see Figure 4, Figure 5 and Figure 6).

App Preview

SPELCheck Stormwater


SPELCheck Puraceptor


Specifications & Details

Figure 1

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

Figure 2

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

Figure 3

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

Figure 4

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

Figure 5

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

Figure 6

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

Figure 7

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

About SPEL Environmental


SPEL staff nationally are WPCG & ACAPMA NPCRS accredited.

SPEL offers a nationwide inspection and reporting program hosted by an online application that provides our clients and the regulatory authorities complete transparency on inspection intervals and maintenance requirements. http://spel.com.au/spelcheck-videos/

When our clients utilize this service they realise significant cost savings because the units will only incur vacuum truck eduction on an “as required basis” instead of a routine basis whether the unit needs cleaning or not.

Upon request SPEL Environmental™ will induct the nominated cleaning contractor on the maintenance procedures of the Puraceptor to ensure all procedures are followed.

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SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram

SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series Diagram