SPELFilter is a cartridge filter system that incorporates an upflow treatment process that maximises surface treatment area. Flow through the filter cartridges utilises a self-regulating siphon which results in a low maintenance and high performance stormwater treatment. The automatic backwash at the end of each storm event further lengthens the lifespan of the filter.

Hydraulic pressure forces water through the filter media — causing a constant velocity throughout the filter area realising a consistent media contact time and therefore treatment.

Upon completion of a treatment cycle, the filter backwashes and effectively dislodges particulates from the filtration layers. This re-establishes filter media porosity. The dislodged particles then accumulate away from the filter media allowing easy removal during maintenance.

SPEL Filter
No moving parts, generating a true siphon effect.
  • Car parks and Shopping Centres
  • Council Depots
  • Industrial Estates
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance
  • Airport Aprons & Tarmacs
  • Transport Depots & Loading Bays
  • Tunnels
  • Highways & Transport Corridors
  • Recycling Yards

The uniform size silica-sand filter media provides for higher removal efficiencies than coarser types of media used in other cartridge systems. SPELFilter media is inorganic — it doesn’t leach nitrogen and other nutrients.

Due to the greater surface area and high flow capacity, combined with the modular cartridge design, the SPELFilter systems can be deployed in a variety of structures including manholes, precast vaults, or cast-in-place structures.

Each system is optimised to suit your specific site and local authority requirements by qualified and experienced professionals.

The media cartridge provides a significantly greater surface contact area to footprint ratio than other filters. With a flow rate of 2.83L/s per cartridge and underground installation, the SPELFilter provides excellent removal efficiency whilst maintaining site surface yield.

  • Small footprint
  • Inorganic filter media (doesn’t leach nutrients)
  • Can be deployed in various drainage structures such as manholes & vaults
  • Contains no moving parts
  • 90% TSS, 54% TP and 36% TN removal

SPEL Filter

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SPEL Filter Installation Guide

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SPEL Filter Field Evaluaton

SPEL Filter Field Evalutaion
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Published Results

Published results of field monitoring of a StormSack SPELFilter stormwater treatment train has been underway between November 2013 and May 2015 at a townhouse development located at Ormiston, southeast Queensland.

The research was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of a 200 micron mesh pit basket in a 900 square format and an 850 mm high media filtration cartridge system for removing total suspended solids and nutrients from stormwater runoff. The monitoring protocol was developed with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), reflecting the Auckland Regional Council Proprietary Device Evaluation Protocol (PDEP) and United States Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Monitoring Manual with some minor improvements reflecting local conditions.

During the 18 month period, more than 30 rain events have occurred, of which nine comply with the protocol. The Efficiency Ratio (ER) observed was 87% TSS, 55% TP and 42% TN for the SPELFilter cartridge filter. The performance results on nine events have been observed to be significantly different statistically (p < 0.05) for the filters.
SPEL stormwater-filter-installation
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SPEL Filter Media Guide

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SPEL Filter
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SPEL Stormsack Covering
SPEL Stormsack and SPELFilter installed at Caltex Mudgeeraba

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