SPEL Detention

Stormwater detention is required so that during peak rain events the run-off from developed areas that have now less impervious surfaces, and reduced infiltration do not result in increased run-off from site. Sites are modelled for the increases in potential run-off and these capacities are specified to be captured in underground onsite stormwater detention tanks. The tanks are designed to capture the increase run-off volumes during storm events and then slowly let them go once the storm has passed. They are one of the important strategies councils utilise for flood mitigation.

At SPEL Stormwater we pride ourselves on the level of expertise we can offer clients on a broad range of solutions so important flood mitigation development guidelines are met.

Breadth of Product Offering:
The client has the benefit that for stormwater detention SPEL Stormwater stock a broad range of solutions. SPEL’s breadth and depth of experience in the detention market enables clients to be offered the best possible solution, we do not have ridged, or skewed thinking that one product type is the best for every project. The result is an offer presented that is the best possible fit for the capacity required with consideration for all site requirements.

Combined Detention & Filtration Solutions:
Many times when a DA requirement for Stormwater Detention is triggered water quality objectives will also need to be met. As a recognised leader in the supply of council approved Stormwater Filtration equipment, we will also be able to ensure the design of these devices are optimally combined for function, ease of maintenance and investment.

SPEL Stormchamber
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