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SPEL’s In-House Fibreglass Manufacturing Capabilities

Fibreglass Manufacturing


With the ever-growing demand for SPEL fibreglass products [Puraceptor, Stormceptor, Triceptor, Ecoceptor and Vortceptor] it is imperative to us to have complete control over all stages of the product development cycle. Investing in our own in-house manufacturing facilities gives SPEL the advantage and ability to hold every stage of product to the same standard that we have grown a reputation for.

Having this complete control from design to delivery allows us to maintain higher quality control and increased consistence across the range of all SPEL products. Quality and consistency are not the only benefits of having in-house manufacturing, the ability to hold stock, project accurate supply and delivery times has also been increased leaving our customer better informed and prepared for the next stage of their projects.


  • SPEL now has the largest installed base of Class 1 Systems in the Asia Pacific region for the service station industry.
  • SPEL is the marketing leading provider of fibreglass oil-water separators manufactured in accordance with UL1316 standards for fuel stations.


Since it’s humble beginnings in 1997 SPEL Asia Pacific has strived to be, and become the ground-breaking leader for leading environmental authorities to see the safety enhancement capabilities combined with the environmental compliance and spill protection ability of two chamber, Class 1 Oil-Water separators, and hydrocarbon spill containment tanks.

We would like to thank our clients and consulting engineers, it is your commitment to stormwater quality that enables us to pursue our goal to manufacture quality Australian made stormwater treatment systems, allowing us to continually invest extensively in protecting Australia’s stormwater.

  • Capacity – 1.2M to 4M
  • 8M wind length on all diameters
  • Winding glass and material monitoring system coupled with computer controlled winding.
  • AI Programming calculates ideal winding pattern from user-inputted variables and parameters like diameter, length, angle and bandwidth.
  • Winding patterns are stored on file for repeated use, eliminating set-up times and variances between repeat productions.
  • Programming allows the machine the flexibility to be operated in autonomous mode for Helical Winding, Chop/Hoop Winding, Chop Spray Winding, Hoop Winding and Roll Goods application.
  • Winding program will control three basic winding functions:
    (Programming controls the following winding functions)
    • Helical Wind: Winding angles from 15- 90 degrees can be wound using bandwidths from 1” (25.4mm) to 8” (203mm).
    • Hoop Wind: Used for hoop applications including hoop winding and winding roll goods
    • Liner Spray: The control system controls the winding carriage to achieve programmed liner thickness.
  • Programming control unit calculates correct number of winding passes and carriage speed to achieve specified result based on user-inputted; desired thickness, gun output, spray angle, and mandrel speed.

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