Algae Control

Algae can evolve as a result of intense solar radiation, nutrients contained in water, nutrients deposited by wind, and animals and birds frequenting ponds or waterways.

Water that is affected by algal growth may be unsightly and give off an unpleasant odour. The organisms present in algal bloom will also consume many of the valuable nutrients from the area of water — resulting in a low quality of water that is less effective for irrigation, or becomes a source of pollutant.
Algae control
Innovative treatment

SPEL ENVIRONMENTAL’s innovative algae treatment uses floating wetland technologies to completely eliminate algae and prevent further cellular growth. Both solutions suitable for a wide range of areas, including:

  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Golf courses
  • Wastewater treatment plants or lagoons
  • Water storage reservoirs
  • Irrigation dams
  • Botanical gardens
  • Fish farms
product selection

Floating Wetlands

A low-cost way to enhance municipal wastewater treatment. Can be retro-fit into existing facilities or waterways.

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