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Stormwater Treatment Measures

A treatment-train approach to stormwater management involves a range of measures (primary, secondary, and tertiary) that work together to enhance water quality.

1. Primary Treatment

Remove gross pollutants

2. Secondary Treatment

Remove fine particles, sedimentation, & attached pollutants

3. Tertiary Treatment

Remove very fine/colloidal particulates, dissolved nutrients, & heavy metals

4. Back to Environment

Clean, treated water flows back to the environment

Gross Pollutant Traps - Primary Treatment

The aim is to remove gross pollutants and coarse sediment (>5mm in size) and help in the downstream treatment of smaller pollutants.

SPEL Stormsack Thumb

SPEL StormSack

SPEL Ecoceptor Thumb

SPEL Ecoceptor

SPEL Baffle Box Thumb

SPEL Baffle Box

SPEL Vortceptor Thumb

SPEL Vortceptor

SPEL Hydrochannel Thumb

SPEL Hydrochannel

SPEL In-Tank Integral Filters Thumb

SPEL In-Tank Integral Filters

SPEL Thundaflo Thumb

SPEL Thundaflo

SPEL Volumefilter Thumb

SPEL Volumefilter

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment removes hydrocarbons, nutrients and remaining solids. Size of removed particle could be as small as 10 µm.

SPEL Puraceptor Thumb

SPEL Puraceptor

SPEL Stormceptor Thumb

SPEL Stormceptor

SPEL Stormceptor OL Thumb

SPEL Stormceptor OL

SPEL Triceptor Thumb

SPEL Triceptor


Tertiary Treatment

Tertiary treatment is the final cleaning process that improves wastewater quality before it is reused, recycled or discharged to the environment.

The treatment removes remaining inorganic compounds, and substances, such as the nitrogen and phosphorus.

Bacteria, viruses and parasites, which are harmful to public health, are also removed at this stage.

SPEL Filter Thumb


SPEL Hydrosystem Thumb

SPEL Hydrosystem

SPEL Hydrosystem 400 Thumb

SPEL Hydrosystem 400

SPEL Waterclean Floating Wetlands Thumb

SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands

SPELBasin Thumb

SPEL Basin


Detention & Retention

SPEL Stormchamber Thumb

SPEL Stormchamber

SPEL Tankstor Thumb

SPEL Tankstor


Specialised Technologies

SPEL Floating Breakwater

SPEL Floating Breakwater

SPEL Vegetated Ecoshield

SPEL Vegetated Ecoshield

SPEL Sewage Maintenance Access Shafts

SPEL Sewage Maintenance Access Shafts

SPEL Trash Trawler

SPEL Trash Trawler