The SPEL Hydrochannel offers a decentralized and absolutely new path for stormwater treatment.

Decentralized stormwater treatment is an important measure within the implementation of the WSUD as it can be deployed precisely and cost effectively.

The modular design means that the stormwater is treated in two steps:

  • Solids and particulates are settled in the first step
  • Dissolved contaminants are then absorbed in the filter matrix
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Hydrochannel Breakdown
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Interactive 3D Drawing


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The Hydrochannel filters and binds pollutants like hydrocarbons, heavy metals as well as total phosphorus (TP) and total nitrogen (TN). The pollutants can then be disposed of safely and easily.

  • Stormwater treatment of surface levels.
  • Gross pollutant sediment, and nutrient capture.
  • Insert into 300mm wide channel drain.
  • Sites with little CR flat grade.
  • No underground vault for cartridges.
  • Quick and easy installation and maintenance.

Please note that we only supply the filter bag and poly insert. Concrete or steel lined channels are NOT included.

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