Floating Breakwater

The Floating Breakwater is a floating wave attenuator that utilizes recycled materials and vegetation to create a sustainable green infrastructure product.


Layers of matrix sheets are adhered together using Coast Guard approved polyurethane marine foam. The foam also provides buoyancy, enabling the breakwater to float. A nylon mesh netting with rings woven in encapsulates the Floating Breakwater, creating six anchor points. The entire breakwater is ultraviolent (UV) protected and reinforced with spray polyurea. Vegetation is planted into pre-drilled holes where it grows hydroponically, creating a hybrid breakwater structure with durability and aesthetic wetland appeal.

SPEL Floating Breakwater
spel floating breakwater

Floating Breakwaters have survived category 1 hurricane conditions of 90 MPH winds and 3-4 foot storm surge in South Louisiana.

spel floatation


Floating Breakwaters are designed as a floating system that accommodates for fluctuating water levels and eliminates the risk of system settlement. This makes them ideal for locations where soil quality is poor.
spel anchoring


The engineered anchoring design of the Floating Breakwater utilizes equally distributed netting anchor points connected to helical anchors which are uniquely suited for the conditions of coastal marshes.
spel vegetation


Native wetland vegetation is grown on the Floating Breakwater which mimics the surrounding marsh, creating habitat for fish, wildlife, water fowl.
spel floating breakwater

The Water Institute of the Gulf Endorsement

Shoreline Protection MarshIn 2014, the Floating Breakwater received the endorsement of the Water Institute of the Gulf, as an innovative technology for Shoreline Protection and Bank Stabilization. Floating wetlands are effective for creation habitat restoration, pipeline canal restoration, poor soil locations.

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