SPEL Ecoceptor is a vertically configured pollutant trap, sediment and light liquids separator suitable for low risk applications. The Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID) has a polyethylene or fibreglass unit, and is designed for use in stormwater drains.

Flow rates on standard units are up to 1400 LPS and can fit pipe sizes from 225mm to 1200mm (with additional sizes available on request).

The SPEL Ecoceptor is independently tested and certified for hydraulic efficiency and the capture of pollutants. It separates and captures pollutants, sediments and light liquids (petroleum hydrocarbons). The unique hydraulic treatment pipe is sized to suit specified flow rates. Ecoceptor has a special vortex cleaning action, which assists in preventing pollutants from discharging. The cylindrical shape of the SQID with its tapered base (there are no square corners) affords effective and thorough cleaning out of accumulated pollutants.
SPEL Ecoceptor
SPEL Ecoceptor
Guaranteed hydrocarbon spill capture in all flow and spill conditions
  • Shopping Precincts
  • Commercial Zones
  • Recreation Grounds
  • Light Industrial areas
  • Beaches and Parks

Stormwater is treated with the sediment, heavy refuse and gross pollutants captured in the chamber.

In high-flow conditions and if storms persist, the tank contains a by pass operation preventing ‘back up’.

Light liquids rise to the top of the separation region of the Ecoceptor chamber.

Good and easy access through the manhole cover to all parts for desludging. Simple cleaning procedure for vacuum loaders.

Tanks, being factory made fibreglass or polyethelene (depending on size), provide for light and easy maneuvering and substantial labour savings for site installation.

Light self-contained tanks for low transport and cranage costs.

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Configuration and Sizes

Ecoceptor Data Sheet
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ecoceptor 1500 series
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ecoceptor 2000 series
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ecoceptor 4000 series
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ecoceptor 6000 series
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ecoceptor 8000 series
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Installation Guide

ecoceptor install manual
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Product Brochure

SPEL Ecoceptor Manual
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Operating Manuals

Ecoceptor operations manual
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Hydraulics and Typical Configurations

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  • Features


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In Action

The proof is in the pudding. We invite you to take a moment to review our case studies, projects, videos and images showcasing the SPEL Ecoceptor

spel case study
Promenade upgrade at Campbell’s Cove, The Rocks. Completion TBA.

  Council: City of Sydney Council Products: SPEL Ecoceptor Problem The location of this project meant the required pollutant capture devices had to be installed …

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ecoceptor case study
Correctional facility on NSW’s South Coast. Completed mid 2018.

  Council: Shoalhaven Council Products: SPEL Ecoceptor Problem This project called for gross pollutant capture and rainwater storage for re-use.

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Spel ecoceptor education board
Preventing Pollution with SPEL Ecoceptor

  Products: SPEL Ecoceptor Proud to be preventing pollution with SPEL Ecoceptor!!!

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Spel Case Study
Residential subdivision in Sydney’s west. Completed early 2018.

  Council: Penrith Council Products: SPEL Ecoceptor Problem Our client required two large gross pollutant traps that could be quickly and easily installed.

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spel ecoceptor
SPEL Ecoceptor Product Feature

  Products: SPEL Ecoceptor  

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SPEL Stormchamber
Contractor/Civil Stormwater Treatment

  SPEL has the quality solutions for your civil application. Click Here to View Newsletter >>

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A horizontally configured two-chamber Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQUD) with a gravity enhancing coalescer unit.

SPEL Vortceptor


A non-blocking hydrodynamic separator with a unique screen and treatment action - producing low vortex conditions and high water quality.



A combination of the Stormceptor and Puraceptor functionality in one device, treating both high and low risk catchment areas.

spel stormsack


Highly engineered devices deployed directly into the stormwater system to capture contaminants close to the surface for ease of maintenance.

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