Baffle Box

Baffle Boxes are concrete or fiberglass structures containing a series of sediment settling chambers separated by baffles. The primary function of baffle boxes is to remove sediment, suspended particles, and associated pollutants from storm water. Baffle boxes may also contain trash screens or skimmers to capture larger materials, trash, and floatables.

Baffle boxes have proven effective in removing sediment from storm water runoff. They are mainly utilized in areas where sediment control is a primary concern, while other storm water Best Management Practices (BMPs) may be more effective in areas where additional storm water pollutants, such as dissolved nutrients, oil and grease, or metals, are prevalent.
SPEL Baffle Box
SPEL Baffle box
Remove sediment, suspended particles and associated pollutants
  • End of line treatment
  • Carparks
  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments

The SPELView Observation Cover is the perfect addition for your Outreach or Educational projects. Constructed of aluminum reinforced fiberglass panels, the SPELView Observation Cover is built to last.


Available in custom colors it is sure to blend into the surrounding landscape yet draw the attention it deserves. When compared to other viewing products on the market, the SPELView Observation Cover is the “clear choice”. Educational signage is included with every SPELView Observation Cover illustrating to the public how the treatment system works and the benefits the Pollutant Separating Baffle Box provides.


Quick & easy to install and maintain.

Captures follage, litter, sediment & hydrocarbons

Separates follage and litter from water & sediment

Will not go septic between stormwater events.

Excellent treatment structures for recharge wells

Easy and safe

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Baffle Box Specification & Details

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In Action

The proof is in the pudding. We invite you to take a moment to review our case studies, projects, videos and images showcasing the SPEL Baffle Box.

spel baffle box
SPEL Baffle Box installed at Glenmore Park NSW

  Products: SPEL Baffle Box Council: Penrith City  

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spel baffle box
Gladstone Yacht Club – Gladstone, QLD

  Council: Gladstone Regional Council Products: SPEL Baffle Box GPT with Clearview Access Lid  

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spel baffle box
Large GPT at Bribie Island

  Location: Crystal Lakes, Bribie Island Products: SPEL Baffle Box

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spel baffle box
SPEL Baffle Box – Winner of 2015 Tidy Town

  A Mornington Peninsula local community project has been named the winner of the litter prevention category at the 2015 Tidy Town Awards, the celebrations …

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