ADS N12 HDPE corrugated pipe is dual wall (corrugated outer wall and smooth inner wall) pipe engineered from high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Light, strong and durable, it requires low cover and is hydraulically efficient with superior performance in gravity-flow drainage applications.

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Light, strong and durable stormwater drainage pipe
  • Supports AS5100.2 Highway and Railway loads

  • Installation and design in accordance with AS2566

  • Low Manning’s due to smooth polyethylene interior

  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance

  • Light weight and robust

  • No bell hole dig required due to constant outside diameter along the joint



Ideally suited to under-rail designs and applications, ADS N12 Dual-Wall Corrugated HDPE pipes and fittings have been approved for use by numerous Australian rail authorities and government agencies.


These include Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), V/Line, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), Aurizon, Queensland Rail (QR), RailCorp, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and CityRail.


ADS Pipes has undergone rigorous independent testing and has been found to perform extremely well in rail corridor applications including:

  • duplications
  • intertrack and undertrack upgrades such as level crossings
  • sub-soil drainage and carrier pipe
  • perforated 100mm to 600mm applications

ADS N12 Dual-Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe has the following under-rail friendly properties:

  • comes in sizes from 100mm to 1500mm inside diameter (ID)
  • can be supplied in standard and slotted variants
  • pipe is manufactured with properties in accordance with AS/NZS 2566.1, Buried Flexible Pipelines – Part 1 Structural Design
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ADS Pipe

A dual wall pipe engineered from high-density polyethylene



Our range of pipes, fittings and stormwater systems are ideally suited to Australia’s harsh mining conditions.

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes have high impact strength and flexibility together with the abrasion resistance required in slurry lines and mining tailings.
  • Corrosion resistant HDPE pipe is suitable for use in acid sulphate soil and is ideal for pit dewatering and chemical applications within mine operations.
  • Strength and durability required for haul roads and rail lines

ADS HDPE pipe has a unique reinforced bell and spigot WT joint making it suitable for a wide variety of carrier pipe applications. Couplers and a wide range of fittings are also available. ADS HDPE pipes and fittings are well suited to installation in the toughest environments and are specifically designed for easy, clean, quick and safe installation.


Suitable for under road applications with heavy equipment loading, ADS pipes and fittings are renowned for their proven performance, excellent flow characteristics, reliability, durability and high strength.

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ADS Pipe

A dual wall pipe engineered from high-density polyethylene


Civil Engineering

SPEL Stormwater has an extensive range of products to suit civil engineering applications.


ADS-N12 pipe is made to the M294 pipe design  in the Austroads design guide for flexible and rigid pipe.


Our qualified engineers provide civil engineering design support.  We also offer installation guidance for stormwater drainage solutions for shopping centres, roads, sub-divisions, rail, council and other commercial projects.

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ADS Pipe

A dual wall pipe engineered from high-density polyethylene


An underground structural water storage system for rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention and infiltration



SPEL Stormwater has a wide range of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) irrigation pipes, fittings and valves to meet your irrigation needs.


ADS HDPE pipe is flexible, light, easy to work with and comes in a wide range of diameters and sizes. It is well suited to a wide range of irrigation applications.


The SPEL team has a reputation within the industry for reliability, leading-edge product solutions and exceptional customer service.


Our experienced and qualified team can advise and assist in pipeline design, cost benefit analysis, product selection and installation advice. SPEL products will ensure you fulfil your irrigation needs and achieve the most cost-effective use of water and power.


With a distribution network that supplies all regions in Australia, and a comprehensive product range you can be confident that we can design and supply a system tailored to your irrigation requirements and budget.

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ADS Pipe

A dual wall pipe engineered from high-density polyethylene


Stormwater Reuse

Stormwater harvesting (retention) for reuse in irrigation and toilet flushing applications can be achieved using StormTech chambers in a lined excavation. StormTech systems can also combine retention and detention to achieve your water storage requirements.


StormTech and other  products such as HDPE pipes and fittings are also well suited to stormwater reuse.


SPEL Stormwater products are used extensively in raingarden projects. We are proud to be engaged in stormwater reuse projects that benefit the environment and the local community.

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ADS Pipe

A dual wall pipe engineered from high-density polyethylene


An underground structural water storage system for rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention and infiltration

ADS PIPE 112-Year DesignLife

Low cover (300mm min) and deep burial installations. The HDPE grade used has a 25 per cent higher long term modulus than PE 100. Better polymer allows less material to be used to carry AS5100.2 live loads safely long term. Expert government structural and material engineers independently audit ADS HDPE pipe and set polymer long term modulus values.

Light weight, fewer joints, reduced OHS issues for installation. Pipe requires no extra couplers, grout or other sealants for installation due to built-in bell and factory-installed gasket. This means fewer components to risk performance.

Installation cost savings with light weight pipes. Less heavy equipment required and the pipes can easily be cut to the required lengths on site.

Not susceptible to bell chipping and cracking common to concrete pipes.

Significantly lower embodied energy than concrete, PVC and polypropylene pipes.

HDPE has a life span of the order of 100 years and is recyclable.

ADS HDPE pipe is relatively light weight. It facilitates quick, easy installation and reduces onsite safety risks. A rubber ring joint reinforces the unique integral bell and spigot joint. This enables efficient installation (no bell holes required) and excellent long term performance. The strength of HDPE means less breakages and wastage onsite.

ADS HDPE pipe is available in sizes from 100mm to 1500mm diameter and comes in standard pipe lengths of 6.1m and 4m.

Please take a moment to complete this form and we will be in touch to discuss your options.

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Advantages of ADS N12 HDPE Pipe


There is a wide range of ADS fittings to suit the ADS N12 HDPE pipe range. Long pipe lengths and easy to use couplers make installation quick and easy.


The injection moulded and fabricated bends, tees, wyes, couplers and assorted fittings provide an efficient and cost-effective installation solution.

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Design Assistance

Our design package can assist with the structural and hydraulic design of pipes in accordance with the AS5100.2 and AS2566.1 standards. The design life in typical road or rail applications is over 50 years and this is accounted for using appropriate design reduction factors. Please contact your local branch for more details on our design software.

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