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A family owned business of over 45 years, we are Australia’s leading Stormwater specialist. Working with councils, engineers and contractors we build risk-free, clean water solutions for the future. Our products and services cater for every project, and our experienced team provide advice and support in sales, delivery, installation and maintenance.

Our Team

At SPEL we’re as passionate about our people as we are about our stormwater.

We are a team that encourages personal growth and drive, nurtures kindness and support, and fuels creativity and imagination. We’re also pretty keen on sprucing up barista and BBQ skills, and the odd table tennis move. It’s what makes us well rounded.

We know what makes this business great. It’s our people and the relationships they continue to build and nurture with you, our customer.


Andy Hornbuckle

General Manager
SPEL Nickname: Buckle
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in Water is driving up Rainbow Beach and swimming in the pristine perfection of Lake Mckenzie on Fraser Island.
Interests outside of work: Spending quality time with family and friends, preferably by the water, and reading as much as I can to keep learning!


Cameron Hales

Sales Director
SPEL Nickname: Camo
Hidden SPEL Talent: Probably the world’s worst bass player
SPEL Secret: Actually really like Zoom


Carl Lassen

SPEL Nickname: Too old for one!
Hidden SPEL Talent: Can read five different languages plus Australian.
SPEL Secret: Love to travel and meeting different cultures and have visited over 30 countries. Working on increasing number of languages spoken from three to enjoy my travels even more.

James Hales

Operations Director
SPEL Nickname: Gus
Hidden SPEL Talent: A seriously good fitter
SPEL Secret: Very passionate about finding cheaper, quicker ways to do things without sacrificing on quality


John Lovett

National Operations Manager
SPEL Nickname: Grandpa
Hidden SPEL Talent: How to stay employed
SPEL Secret: 35 years of them…………

Lai Adolfo

National Lead Gen Manager
Executive Assistant to AH
SPEL Nickname: Lai
Hidden SPEL Talent: Jack of all trades
SPEL Secret: My fitness routine involves jump rope drills


Carl Santos

National Estimating
Manager-Client Support
SPEL Nickname: Carlsberg
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in water for me is snorkling or diving and having a cold one at the beach.
Interests outside of work: Playing basketball, playing the guitar, and travelling with family and friends 


Stefhan Dwyer

Marketing Manager
SPEL Nickname: Stef
What is Joy in Water to you? Surfing and spear fishing in the tropical waters of the South Pacific with my son and daughter.
Interests outside of work: Surfing the Noosa points with my family, in particular, teaching my 6 year old daughter to ride the waves. I also love cooking and creating new meals with my family, and enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day.



André Magar

State Manager
SPEL Nickname: André
What is Joy in Water to you? Scuba diving around the globe hoping to witness something new each time.
It's another world down there, magical to say the least.
Interests outside of work: Traveling the world exploring exotic destinations and indulging in new cuisines.



Business Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: Buggs
What is Joy in Water to you? There is nothing more refreshing than either drinking water or swimming in clean water - having its hydrating soothing balm cleanse your inner being!
Interests outside of work: Enjoy outdoors to the full - such as farming, sport, Barbeques and socialising with friends and family.


Henry Ha

Senior Engineer
SPEL Nickname: ADHD
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in water is the sight of a clean, harmonious body of water in nature.
Interests outside of work: I enjoy spending time in my workshop, making, fixing, tinkering things. I’m currently learning how to re upholster car seats.


Jarvis Pederson

Production Coordinator
SPEL Nickname: Pedal
What is Joy in Water to you? Pouring over cold beers and spending the day on the flawless waters of the Hawkesbury River.
Interests outside of work: Pretty much outdoors as long as I am within a stones throw from the waters edge and have family or friends in my company.


John Makin

Senior CAD Designer
SPEL Nickname: Mehdi
What is Joy in Water to you? Weekends with a cold beer and my lovely relation , along the beaches and forest paths that my drone follows me wherever I go.
Interests outside of work: What makes a successful life ? Day by day, I think about the answer to this question, and I read/learn about why and what we can do to solve our problem in real life.


Phillip Zervos

Senior CAD Designer
SPEL Nickname: Philosophical


Robert Chesterfield

Business Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: Robbo
What is Joy in Water to you? Swimming and Snorkelling in Jervis Bay on a hot summers day.
Interests outside of work: Enjoy anything outdoors such as fishing, sport, socialising with friends and family.


Tom Hales

Sales Consultant
SPEL Nickname: Tommy
What is Joy in Water to you? Riding a wave across glistening waters on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
Interests outside of work: Playing & watching sport as well as catching up with friends & family.


Zaid Ali

Logistic Manager
SPEL Nickname: Zed
Hidden SPEL Talent: Animal lover, for a pet cat and a couple sheep.
SPEL Secret: Would prefer to watch live sports over movies. Enjoys road trips, camping and fishing with family and friends.

Matt Charles

Service Technician
SPEL Nickname: Slinger
What is Joy in Water to you? Wrestling with my kids.
Interests outside of work: Family, mates, beers and sports.


Alrik Estrada

SPEL Nickname: Al
What is Joy in Water to you? The sight of people enjoying themselves while respecting unpolluted waters.
Interests outside of work: I indulge in sleeping unrestrained on the weekends and being an amateur mixologist.


Rhoda Tolentino

Research Assistant
SPEL Nickname: Rhoda
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in water for me is walking along the beach while watching massive waves, beautiful sunset and enjoying fresh seafoods.
Interests outside of work: Watching videos related to food and home renovation & designs.



Leon Attwood

QLD Team Leader
SPEL Nickname: Lionheart
What is Joy in Water to you? Discovering a remote untouched billabong in the heart of the great dividing ranges or enjoying the serenity the iconic islands up the East Coast of Australia.
Interests outside of work: All things outdoors & enjoying time with the family & friends.


Chad Wright

QLD Business
Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: Chaddles
What is Joy in Water to you? Appreciating a dip in pristine clear water on the coast or a fire by a mountain stream in the winter months.
Interests outside of work: Spending quality time with friends & family.


Peter Hancock

QLD Business
Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: Dickie Knee
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in Water for me is when it is in its solid state, cube form, making that beautiful clinking sound in a glass of rum.
Interests outside of work: I love Kayaking and Permaculture.


Kristy Pratsch

QLD Business
Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: KP
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in water comes from being weightless and supported by the ocean when you swim, quenching your thirst in summer, watching toddlers jump & laughing in puddles after a storm, hot cups of tea in winter and a hot shower at the end of a tough day. Water is life.
Interests outside of work: Being with my family and friends, babysitting my nieces and nephews, playing sport, reading, cooking, delicious cups of tea, good brunches, studying, bad dad jokes, gardening and decorating Christmas trees.


Sarah Hornbuckle

Research Analyst

Charmaine Brown

QLD Business
Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: Charmaine
What is Joy in Water to you? Visiting remote freshwater creeks and waterfalls up in the mountains
Interests outside of work: Visiting beautiful locations with good food and great company.


Toby Attwood

Qld Operations

Tom McNaughton

QLD Commissioning
and Maintenance
SPEL Nickname: Young Tom
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in Water for me is everything about the reef—fishing, snorkelling and watching the beautiful fish.
Interests outside of work: I love exploring Australia.


Clint Hornbuckle

Production Manager

Bernie Leahy

Leading Hand

Angela Beltran

Marketing Coordinator
SPEL Nickname: Angela
What is Joy in Water to you? For me, Joy in Water is simply sitting by the beach, watching and listening to the waves.
Interests outside of work: I love watching films and series, and I enjoy cooking.


Anne Savellano

National Research
SPEL Nickname: Anne
What is Joy in Water to you? The thrill of wavy boat rides and a picnic by the beach with friends and family.
Interests outside of work: Keeping on with my childhood pastime of coloring books and going outdoors with my family and our dog.


Oya Casaclang

QLD Research Assistant
SPEL Nickname: Oya
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in water for me is walking the shores of Boracay with choco banana peanut milkshake, playing in the sand with my kids and enjoying sunsets at the beach. 
Interests outside of work: I love travelling specifically going to the beach, with my family. Philippines have a lot of nice and beautiful beaches to go to especially during summer. I love taking photos too.



Glen Stone

State Manager
State Manager

SPEL nickname: Rolling Stones
Hidden Talent: I love playing acoustic guitar and singing around a bonfire with good friends
SPEL secret: I live by the motto; "It's not over until you say it's over!"


Tom Wibberley​

Business Development
Short bio coming soon.

Paul Garcia

SPEL Nickname: Paul
What is Joy in Water to you? Relaxing time in the beach with a cold beer and enjoying the clear skies and sunset.
Interests outside of work:Doing roadtrips, enjoying nature, camping with families and friends, and being a good father to my two daughters.



Kurt Jensen

Senior Technical Consultant
SPEL Nickname: Kurty
What is Joy in Water to you? Sitting by a beautiful clean high-country stream, with my wife, and taking photos of it.
Interests outside of work: Going four-wheel driving, doing home renovations and, if lockdown permits, having family and friends over.


Lee Parker

Engineering Coordinator
SPEL Nickname: Lee the Loomster
What is Joy in Water to you? Emerging from the ocean and stepping onto the warm sand feeling clean & refreshed.
Interests outside of work: Enjoying time with family, time with Tennesse whiskey & time with a well- stocked fire.

Dan Thorp

Sales Coordinator
SPEL Nickname: Thorpy
What is Joy in Water to you? Diving & fishing on the Wild West coast of Tasmania, swimming with my kids on the Central Coast NSW.
Interests outside of work: Playing Hockey & Cricket, Home renovations & Youth support Work.


Jacob Pettman

Operations Coordinator
SPEL Nickname: Jacob
What is Joy in Water to you? Swimming in clean, clear rivers in the Great Otway National Forest.
Interests outside of work: Adventure sports, the outdoors and strength sports.

David Knight

National Business
Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: David
What is Joy in Water to you? Fishing and kayaking on the pristine Victorian lakes and rivers, particularly the beautiful Lake Wendouree.
Interests outside of work: Breaking bread and sharing wine with family and friends. Coaching cricket and playing the occasional game with my sons.

David Pham

SPEL Nickname: Still too new to the company to have one!
Hidden SPEL Talent: Nothing is hidden with me!
SPEL Secret: I’ll tell you in a year.

Pier Salandanan

Estimator for VIC & TAS
SPEL Nickname: Pier
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in The sun, sea, and ocean breeze at the beach while reeling in a heavy catch.
Interests outside of work: Going on adventures with my family and diving deep in history, reason, and theology.


Robin Radoc

SPEL Nickname: Rockin Robin
What is Joy in Water to you? An ocean full of marine animals playing with their food not with our trash.
Interests outside of work: Driving, Doing some basic car modifications.


Karen Tapiador

Research Assistant
SPEL Nickname: Karen
What is Joy in Water to you? Seeing my daughters playing along the beautiful beach of Boracay.
Interests outside of work: Attending to my other babies – diapers and plants.



Michael Maguire

National Maintenance
SPEL Nickname: Mike
What is Joy in Water to you? Boating or jetskiing at Moreton Island with family and friends.
Interests outside of work: Playing soccer at my local club and spending quality time with my family.


Lyn Lumabas

Executive Assistant
SPEL Nickname: Lyn
SPEL Hidden Talent: Multi-tasking and oh! Spinning pen around my fingers.
SPEL Secret: A terrible singer

Daniel Woodford

Qld Maintenance Business
Development Manager
SPEL Nickname: Woody
What is Joy in Water to you? Joy in Water is enjoying the serene waters of Hemmant Quarry Reserve.
Interests outside of work: Going outdooes and discovering Queensland's national parks.


Oscar Salisbury

Operations & Maintenance
SPEL Nickname: Occo
Hidden SPEL Talent: I love every sport and have soft spot for Melbourne Storm
SPEL Secret: I wish I could go into hibernation in the winter months.


Michael Kougias

NSW Maintenance Business
SPEL Nickname: Kougar
Hidden SPEL Talent: Extensive professional background in environmental soil & water remediation
SPEL Secret: Been fishing the NSW coastline since I was a boy.

Joseph Bautista

National Maintenance
Hidden SPEL Talent: Being always full of energy
SPEL Secret: I love outdoor sports and music

Daniel Tirados

Maintenance Invoicing
SPEL Nickname: Spaceman Dan
Hidden SPEL Talent: I whip up super spicy food for unsuspecting friends.
SPEL Secret: That's not coffee in my morning mug, it's Coke

Matt Hockey

SEQ Installation, Scheduling & Maintenance Technician

SPEL Nickname: Matty
Hidden SPEL Talent: Loves anything Country and trained in the arts of archery. Used to play wing for his rugby team but still seems to make the props look small
SPEL Secret: If he had the choice, he would build an entire new country out of SPEL floating wetlands. Master of Wetlands!

What is Joy in Water?

Whether it’s ice cubes cooling your drink, building sandcastles at the beach or exploring the waterways and estuaries in your kayak, the joy we experience from clean water is precious – and it’s worth fighting for.


12 million tonnes of plastic enter our water system each year, killing marine life, impacting our climate and ecosystem, and finding its way into our food and drinking water. Without drastic change, these numbers will continue to rise.


Clean water is our right, but we must act now to ensure its future. The joy, laughter and calm we experience depends on it.

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Sister Companies

all pumps logo

Since commencing operation in 1972, All Pumps Sales & Service has been dedicated to providing solutions in all fields of fluid handling. All Pumps have been customising pumps to the exact requirements of clients in the civil and building industries with a range of robust, reliable pumps and environmentally approved pollution control systems.

Hydrostor Industrial Logo

Hydrostor has been manufacturing Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic pump stations since 1972. Designed in accordance with BS4994 Hydrostor’s FRP pump stations are manufactured for many applications and in a wide range of specifications to handle substances such as water, sewage, farm effluent, petroleum products and chemicals.


Introducing our support for not for profit clean water initiative

Stormwater Shepherds are a not-for-profit imitative targeting plastic pollution in riparian environments. With urban generated pollution accounting for a staggering 80% of ocean plastic, it is our mission to stop it at the source.

Our 2020 strategic goals in stormwater management and pollution directly address this issue through prevention, action and lobbying.

Prevention – Driving positive outcomes through education.
Action – Community clean-ups restoring our riparian environments.
Lobbying – Thought leadership on sustainable stormwater infrastructure management.

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