Baffle Box Installation in Geelong: Making Stormwater Treatment Visible

spel baffle box wandana estate

Managing stormwater runoff from a 200-lot hillside residential development is, to say the least, an engineering challenge. However, our VIC team was more than thrilled to answer the call and contribute to this new project at one of Geelong’s most sought-after suburbs, Wandana Heights.

We delivered a SPEL Baffle Box GPT that provided primary treatment for the greenfield site’s whopping 1.6 million litre SPELChamber Detention tank and stormwater treatment train. While that expected volume of stormwater alone is enough to raise the project’s profile as a feat of engineering, what makes the project a real standout is the decision to incorporate a stormwater education element via the use of the Baffle Box with the SPELView Cover and educational signage. 

Stormwater Unbaffled

While stormwater management is crucial to protecting the health of our waterways and preventing flooding, most members of the public are largely unaware of stormwater management systems and how important they are. A big part of this has to do with the invisibility of stormwater devices as most of them remain hidden underground. Now, however, the out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach is in the past. The Baffle Box is the future. 

While Baffle Boxes are installed at a subsurface level, each of these stormwater systems are topped by the SPELView cover, a steel mesh cage that protrudes above ground. This setup allows people to see down into the Baffle Box’s inner workings while the steel mesh acting as a protective barrier. Passersby can watch as the Baffle Box works to remove gross pollutants from stormwater and gain an appreciation of how much pollution can be diverted from entering waterways downstream.

Learn more about the SPEL Baffle Box and its key advantages by visiting our product page.

SPEL BaffleBox with Educational Signage Rockhampton
SPEL BaffleBox Rockhampton

Pictured: SPEL Baffle Box with educational signage at another project in Rockhampton, Queensland

The flow

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