Supplying Stormwater Solutions for New School in VIC

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SPEL is honored to play a part in the construction of the Victorian School Building Authority’s new projects. We’ve been contracted to design and supply a total of ten stormwater treatment management systems over three projects. Set to treat all outfalls from the new schools, these devices will ensure that onsite stormwater treatment and detention is up to best practice standards; that is an 80% reduction in total suspended solids (TSS), and 45% reduction in total Phosphorus and Nitrogen.


The first of the ten systems to be delivered is this 210,000 litre SPELChamber detention solution (pictured below) with an Ecoceptor gross pollutant trap upstream. Now being backfilled, the system will service a half of the school catchment, slowing down stormwater flows and removing runoff pollutants.


In total, SPEL will be supplying three SPELChambers, five Ecoceptors, and four Hydrosystems to the new school sites.


Advantages of the SPELChamber, Ecoceptor, and Hydrosystem

The SPELChamber provides an environmentally progressive and technologically advanced stormwater storage and pollutant removal solution. Its robust structural design is suited for installation underneath commercial, industrial, and residential developments.


SPEL’s Ecoceptor is a vertically configured stormwater quality improvement device. It is designed for use in stormwater drains, removing litter, sediment, and light liquid pollutants such as petroleum hydrocarbons from runoff.


Finally, the Hydrosystem is a German-engineered specialist stormwater filter suitable for TSS, heavy metal, and nutrient reduction. It is designed for installation within load-bearing shafts and concrete or plastic chambers. This stormwater treatment device uses an up-flow process to achieve filtration. This means that there is minimal head drop between the inlet and outlet and can work effectively in flat sites as it requires only 250 mm fall across the device.


Visit our SPELChamber, Ecoceptor, and Hydrosystem product pages to learn more about their features and applications.

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