Industrial development in Sydney Business Park. Completed January 2019.

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spel case study


  • Council: Blacktown Council
  • Products: SPELFilter


A treatment train was designed which included gross pollutant capture (both within pits and via a proprietary device), and a packaged SPEL Filter system. This site also required custom knife gate valves with automatic electronic shut off to ensure environmental protection in case of a spill.


SPEL was able to provide technical design advice combined with timely supply and simplicity of install to meet a tight handover deadline.


About SPELFilter


SPEL Filter

The SPELFilter is a cartridge filter system that incorporates an upflow treatment process, through a spiral wrapped media configuration that maximises surface treatment area. Know More
SPEL is happy to take any inquiries, and is ready to help with your requirements today! Contact Us


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