Lake Burley Griffin West Basin Waterfront Upgrade

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spel case study


  • Project: West Basin ACT Project
  • Council: ACT Government
  • Products: SPEL Thundaflo



The client badly needed an upgrade for their drain system, specifically needing a slightly curved grated drain system with a minimal grade of less than 0.5%.


SPEL Stormwater was able to provide the best solution for this prestigious waterfront upgrade in the nation’s Capital, Canberra.

Drain System


To meet the consultant’s requirements, we utilized the SPEL THUNDERFLO System, which at the same time meets the client’s budgetary constraints.



About SPEL Thundaflo

SPEL Thundaflo
SPEL Thundaflo is a heavy-duty channel drainage system (aka trench, linear or slot), uniquely designed for the industrial environment – forecourts, forklift working areas, truck loading bays, airports. Know More
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