The Biggest SPEL Tank in Australia EVER!

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Loaded and ready to roll is a 27×3.5m Stormceptor headed to the Gold Coast airport extension project.

This system was designed with Beca Consulting Engineers to facilitate a retention period that provides calm conditions within the secondary chamber, effectively promoting the separation of total suspended solids, light liquids and pollutants.

The overall length of this haulage was 45m long.

Definitely a sight to see, travelling up the pacific highway!

After two days of careful haulage, the unit finally arrived at the site. Here we have the whole thing documented of how it was lifted off and placed in position.

Huge shout out to the SPEL team for making this happen!


About SPEL Stormceptor

SPEL Stormceptor

SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 is a horizontally configured two-chamber Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID), equipped with a gravity enhancing coalescer unit. Know More
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