Water You Waiting For… Stay Safe!

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SPEL Environmental recognises Safety as an ethical and social responsibility to our people, visitors and those affected by our activities.


Our vision to managing safety is:

  • People are the solution, not the problem: they need to be empowered to challenge the status quo and drive improvement in safety.
  • Safety is a presence of positives, not an absence of negatives: we need to increase focus on when things go right to ensure it can be repeated.
  • Engineer the system to fit our people: our Safety Management System needs to reflect the reality of work, not work as is expected.

This is a continuous journey to achieve our vision involving everyone within the company.

At the end of the day, all we want is for people to stay safe and be able to return home the same way they came to work, if not better.


– Cameron Hales,
Company Director

About Safe Work Australia

Safe Work Australia
Safe Work Australia (SWA) is an Australian government statutory body established in 2008 to develop national policy relating to WHS and workers’ compensation. SWA is jointly funded by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments through an Intergovernmental Agreement. SWA performs its functions in accordance with its Corporate Plan and Operational plan, which are agreed annually by Ministers for Work Health and Safety. Know more.


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