Constructing Australia’s Largest Residential Floating Wetlands with Sunshine Coast Council, Covey Associates & Uni of Sunshine Coast

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SPEL Floating Wetlands


Following the full installation of the largest residential floating wetlands, we’re excited to present a short video featuring Mark Jamieson, Mayor of Sunshine Coast.

Also featured in the video are Dr Christopher Walker (Environmental Manager at Covey & Associates), Damion McDonald (Project Manager at Covey & Associates) and Kevin Covey (Director of Covey & Associates).

Mark Jamieson Image
Mark Jamieson, Mayor of Sunshine Coast

Dr Christopher Walker Image
Dr Christopher Walker, Environmental manager at Covey & Associates

Damion Macdonald Image
Damion Macdonald, Project Manager at Covey & Associates

Kevin Covey Image
Kevin Covey, Director of Covey & Associates

In this video, they’ll touch on the various aspects of this project and the key benefits of using our Floating Wetlands for stormwater treatment.

Key Takeaways

  • Hybrid system – treating stormwater runoff and maintaining lake water quality.
  • Before the Floating Wetlands design, it wasn’t possible to have a lake in the development.
  • More than 2100 square metres of floating wetlands – largest in Australia.
  • These wetlands are constructed from over 278,000 PET bottles, which will otherwise go into our landfills.
  • Implemented a 3 years research projects undertaken by a PHD student from USC.
  • Automatic samplers were installed to retrieve critical data during storm events
  • They are easy and cheap to maintain for Council when compared to conventional wetland technology.
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