Treatment Wetlands for Dilli Village Wastewater Treatment Plant

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wastewater treatment plant

Location: Dilli Village, Fraser Island QLD
Products: SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands

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The Challenge

The University of the Sunshine Coast wants to setup a polishing system for their wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at their environmental education centre, in Dilli Village on Fraser Island.

As a popular tourism attraction, Fraser Island has a series of “booms and busts” with their population across the year.

This provides unique challenges to traditional wastewater treatment plants that rely on a continuous and relatively predictable supply of “food” to maintain healthy microbiological ecosystems in the plant.


The Solution

We are able to provide a biological alternative using our SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands.

The main features of these floating treatment media are:

  • Removal of Total Suspended Solids, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus), heavy metals and organic matter from the wastewater along with pH buffering and stabilization
  • Low maintenance
  • Able to operate in fluctuating nutrient levels.
  • Able to operate in fluctuating temperatures.

The installation of the floating wetlands provides a buffering function that reduces the impact of fluctuations in population. These floating wetlands accommodate some of the lag that occurs when the WWTP is still responding to a rapid increase, and polishes the effluent that leaves the traditional system.

Using locally endemic species for nutrient removal has been a unique challenge, however, preliminary results indicate they are more than capable, along with a healthy biofilm population, to reduce the nutrient from the effluent. Plants that were initially 300mm tall in viro-tubes are now exceeding 2m height after only 6 months.

Students from the University of the Sunshine Coast are monitoring the water quality and we will report back soon.

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