500kl Stormwater Harvesting Tank for Monash University

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SPEL Stormchamber


Location: Monash University, Melbourne VIC
Products: SPEL StormChamber & the full pump system

SPEL StormChamber

The Challenge

AKS Industries (SPEL Victoria & Tasmania) were contacted by a plumbing contractor to assist with a large stormwater harvesting project on one of the Monash University campuses.

The project was challenging as it spreads over a large geographical area which involved a bio-retention system, a 500kl storage tank, multiple pump systems, a highly specced control system and room for future expansion.

Our Solution

By working with the contractor, the client and the engineers, AKS Industries provided a turnkey pump and harvesting tank package, with SPEL StormChamber at the center of this.

The StormChamber has been installed to store 500kl of harvested water.

As with all projects, AKS worked onsite with the installers to ensure that this system has been installed as designed.

The StormChamber saved the client a large amount of cost over the concrete tank which was designed for the project.

An interesting fact is that HDPE chambers (Polyethylene not Polypropylene) will easily outlast concrete tanks when installed underground, StormChamber has an expected life in excess of 100 years.

The installation crew even commented that “With you guys giving us the ‘line by line’ advice, this installation is a dream”.

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