Saving Space, Saving Time and Providing Detention – The SPEL StormChamber Solution

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spel stormchamber


Location: Reservoir, nestled in Melbournes north, 12km from the CBD

Customer: Commercial plumbing contractor

Challenges: Meeting the required detention outcomes within a commercial project that has very limited space available

Products: SPEL StormChamber

Configuration: 2 x Detention systems, 1 x 180m3 and 1 x 147m3

Total Volume: 327m3

Excavation depth: 180m3 tank was 3.5m to base of cut, the 147m3 tank had 300mm of cover (to finished surface level)

The Challenge

With the shopping centre live, and the traffic flowing through the property, there was very limited space for the construction of a detention system.

Obviously, the construction of a cast in situ concrete system would protrude the construction time to an unmanageable length, and other modular systems have many components, this left the contractor with only one viable option, the SPEL Stormchamber.

Our Solution

We supplied 2 x SPEL StormChamber tanks, these were 180m3 and 147m3 in size and both were under the high volume traffic loading of the carpark.

The large tank, 180m3, required a deep excavation, the SPEL StormChamber enabled the contractor to use a single chamber size for the installation.

The smaller tank, the 147m3, is an extremely shallow installation with only 300mm of cover from finished surface level to the top of water storage.

This installation was installed, completed and finalised on time and beating budget costing.

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