Protecting the Victorian Desalination Plant and Coastline from Oil spills and Pollution

wonthaggi desalination


Location: Wonthaggi Victoria

Configuration: A

Products: 3 x SPEL Puraceptor

Inlet/Outlet size: Inlet with 225mm Stainless steel flanges

Treatment Flow Rate: 40LPS

These systems have stainless steel inlets, one of the systems had a 3rd chamber that had an integral pump system to lift the entire flow from the discharge.

The Challenge

Providing environmental protection to one of the most sensitive projects in Victoria’s history is always going to be a challenge.

With three main transformers constructed to assist with the power supply to the Desalination plant, there is the potential for a catastrophic failure and a very large oil spill. The installed transformers hold between 60,000 litres and 75,000 litres of oil each.

This required certified, tested, fail-safe proven treatment devices.

Our Solution

The three SPEL Puraceptors, supplied to this project, have provided insurance to the water quality leaving each compound. Each Puraceptor is sized to treat the whole flow from its catchment and contain 110% of the largest spill.

Each Puraceptor has stainless steel inlets to meet the client’s specification, and one of the treatment tanks had a 3rd chamber that had an integral pump system to lift the entire flow out the discharge as it didn’t have gravity to the outfall.

The flow

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