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SPEL launches the third webinar of the Stormwater Products Essential Learning program, a free webinar series aimed at educating and raising awareness about stormwater treatment and the best products for different types of applications.

Webinar Date: 06 March 2015

Webinar Time: 11am – 12pm Sydney Time (convert to your local time)

Presenters: Gavin Fields from XP solutions, Andy Hornbuckle & Brent Calow from SPEL Stormwater

On 26 March 2015 from 11am – 12pm Sydney Time (convert to your local time), Andy Hornbuckle & Brent Calow from SPEL Stormwater will be presenting the SPEChamber. The presentation will consist of an explanation, in detail, on how these treatment mechanisms work in order to treat stormwater and preserve the environment.

We also have a special guest speaker – Gavin Fields from XP Solutions. He will be touching on how to model SPELChamber products to optimise stormwater quantity and quality infrastructure.

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The Speakers

Gavin is a Senior Water Resources Engineer at XP Solutions.

Gavin brings practical expertise in the design of stormwater quantity and quality infrastructure to the XP Solutions team.

His responsibilities include presenting product training, both domestically and internationally, in addition to providing technical support to XP Solutions’ expansive Client base. These activities ensure product users are able to deliver best practice outcomes on their projects.

Prior to joining XP Solutions team in Brisbane, Gavin worked as a consultant for 9 years delivering a broad range of projects across Queensland with a core focus on cost-effective water sensitive urban design and drainage solutions.

Andy Hornbuckle is the National Sales Manager of SPEL Stormwater.

He has led SPEL through a journey of innovation and revitalisation, starting from the Stormceptor and Puraceptor systems for capture and removal of hydrocarbons, through to ecological systems including Modular and Floating wetland systems.

Andy has also initiated a series of field research and evaluation projects on SPEL products with a view to benefiting the industry and environment scientific data that is rigorous, transparent and independent.

Andy Hornbuckle

Andy Hornbuckle

Brent Calow is the National Business Development Manager of SPEL Stormwater.

Brent has had over 13 years of experience in process fluid handling disciplines and has harnessed his sustainable approach to problem-solving in the Water Sensitive Urban Design sphere successfully for many clients across the Antipodes.

He is proud to pioneer the 3 pillars that drive SPEL’s sustainability model – Easy to Design, Easy to Install & Easy to Maintain.

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