Product Feature: The SPELChamber

SPEL Stormchamber


The low impact, modular, stormwater storage solution for retention, detention, infiltration and reuse.

Introducing the SPELChamber.


SPEL Stormchamber

Benefits over other storage methods

  • Superior load ratings for trafficable areas.
  • Maximised volume for efficient storage void ratio.
  • The lowest installed cost of any modular sub-surface storage technology.
  • Burial depths up to over 9m.
  • Layered installations possible for restricted surface area sites.
  • Superior design eliminates costly and complicated header manifold systems.
  • Can be utilized for conveyance in remote locations.
  • Recycled HDPE construction allows smaller excavation and decreased footprint.
  • Helps counter drought conditions by maintaining groundwater base flow to streams.


Call SPEL Stormwater today on (02) 8838 1055 or reply to this email for the SPELChamber brochure for more information.

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