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Municipal WasteWater

Rapid population growth is putting increasing pressure on urban wastewater treatment infrastructure.

At SPEL ENVIRONMENTAL, we provide a range of biological fixed film treatment options that retrofit to your existing wastewater treatment asset to prolong its lifespan — avoiding the capital expenditure that comes with a complete replacement or upgrade. This enhances the lifecycle of the existing plant & infrastructure asset by giving it greater capacity with the same footprint.

With a greenfield application, the controlled process and high treatment rate allows a infrastructure footprint that is approximately 75% smaller than conventional technology such as activated sludge.

You can use our solutions in any municipal wastewater environment, including those that require the treatment of:

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Odour mitigation
  • Nitrification processes
  • De-nitrification and polishing
  • Bio-chemical oxygen demand
  • Removal of TSS
  • Reduction in faecal coliforms
  • Reduction in phosphorus
  • Dairy waste
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An innovative range of municipal wastewater treatment solutions

Whether you use conventional technologies like activated sludge systems or MBBR, our innovative system will retrofit to your existing asset to provide a capital and operationally cost effective, efficient water treatment solution.

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