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Mining, Oil & Gas

The mining industry is the second-biggest industrial water consumer in the world, second only to agriculture.

As such, water management is critical in mining, oil & gas industries. Capturing water and treating it to the standards required for its various uses and then storing that water means recycled water can be used for:

  • Dust suppression
  • Process water for cooling systems or for boilers
  • Reuse in non-drinking applications (toilets etc)
  • Vehicle or facility washing and hosing-down
  • Artificial recharge of aquifers
  • Tailings dams and ponds
  • Belt filter presses
  • Wet screening

These industries also produce lot of waste and they need to be treated before releasing back into the environment.

SPEL Environmental understand the challenges mining, oil & gas companies face and has the complete solution to meet the demands.

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