StormWater Solution


SPEL Stormchamber, Stormceptor, Ecoceptor, Puraceptor can be used for a wide range of applications such as car parks, petrol stations, airports or mining sites.

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Service Station

Service Station

SPEL Puraceptor & SPEL Stormceptor are effective at capturing hydrocarbon. They are easy to install and require little maintenance.

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Detention and Retention

Detention, Retention & Conveyance

Our innovative solutions can effectively reduce flooding and suited for different applications such as, car parks, residential, shopping centres & detention ponds.

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Mining, Oil & Gas

Mining, Oil & Gas

Water management is critical in mining, oil & gas industries. SPEL understand the challenges and has the complete solution to meet the demand.

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Municipal WasterWater

Municipal WasteWater

Our solutions treat anaerobic digestion, odour mitigation, nitrification processes, bio-chemical oxygen demand, removal of TSS, etc.

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Industrial WasteWater

Industrial WasteWater

The SPEL electron collision technology has the unusual ability to both eliminate contaminate loadings and work effectively in high saline environments.

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Beautification Solution


SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands provides a lush, fertile wetland for the beautification of canals, ponds, lakes, lagoons and other slow-flowing waterways.

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Stream and Lake Restoration

Stream & Lake Restoration

SPEL Waterclean Floating Wetlands and DUMO Algacleaner® can restore the nutrient balance of streams and lakes caused by pollution.

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Algae Control

Algae Control

SPEL’s innovative algae treatment uses ultrawave and floating wetland technologies to completely eliminate algae and prevent further cellular growth.

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Saline Water Solution

Saline Water

Our innovative ultrasonic treatment stops algae growth by disturbing the cellular cycle of the organism and preventing it from multiplying.

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