ZinCo Green Roof

The ZinCo Green Roof system is a multifunctional green roof build-up with high water storage. It is suitable for lawns, perennials, and with deeper system substrate, for shrubs and trees.

Integration with hard landscapes, for example, walkways, terraces, driveways or play areas, etc. is also possible. ZinCo Stabilodrain® & Floradrain® drainage elements, the heart of this system build-up, can also be used as a shuttering for concrete to create foundations for supporting structures without penetrating the roof membrane or impeding water drainage. The drainage capacity is tested according to EN ISO 12598. ZinCo’s unique drainage element technology allow ZinCo Green Roofs to survive in drier & harsher climates resulting in a longer lasting and lower maintenance green infrastructure.

On zero degree roofs, a roof dam irrigation system can be installed which stores up to 40 mm of water. This makes for lush plant growth on relatively thin substrate layers. The ZinCo Roof Garden build-up allows for the realisation of a variety of design concepts, even water-features.

ZinCo has been pioneering green roofs since 1957 and have grown into the world’s largest green roof company with over 10,000 installations worldwide.

ZinCo Green Roofs

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Why have a Green Roof?

Beyond their attractive visual nature, Green Roofs offer many undisputable benefits, both ecological and economical, provided they are built with the right system.

Green roof benefits


  • Enhance thermal insulation
  • Protect waterproofing
  • Offer a natural habitat for plants and animals
  • Retain stormwater
  • Improve the microclimate
  • Create important garden and recreational areas


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