The SPEL VOCSocks® are self-contained water processing units that contain a specially designed Osorb® material for in-well treatment applications. VOCSocks capture and remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pollutants in water.

SPEL stock VOCSocks that fit into monitoring wells 2” or larger, and custom sizes can be ordered. VOCSocks are easy to use. To begin treatment, a VOCSock is simply inserted into a well lowered into the contaminated water.


A built-in electronic circuit controls the treatment frequency, allowing contaminants in surrounding soil to diffuse into the well and be captured. The volume and rate of VOC removal is dependent on the concentrations and types of VOCs in the well. VOCSocks are deployed for 60-90 days, then removed and returned to SPEL. Special sealed packaging is provided, making removal and return easy. For first deployments, SPEL will analyse captured VOCs to determine total mass captured and the specific compounds removed from the water, providing assurance of re-mediation success.


  • Pilot Wells
  • Drainage Wells
  • Contaminated Wells


  • Wide spectrum of contaminants removed
  • Pollutants can be reduced to below MCLs
  • Easy to use and immediately available
  • No breakdown products or waste disposal
  • Everything provided, including analysis

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