SPEL Sinus Filter

SPEL Sinus filter banner

Able to be installed within rainwater tanks, the SPEL Sinus Filter is ideal for conversion of existing tanks.

It has no height difference between rainwater inlet and outlet to the waste water sewer. The filter cartridge lies diagonally in the housing, therefore even more water can be saved in comparison to convential filters.


  • Low maintenance, depending on the contamination.
  • Connection capacity according to DIN 1986 for roof areas up to 150 m².
  • All connections DN 100.
  • Height difference of 0 mm between rainwater inlet and wastewater outlet.
  • Mesh size of filter cartridge 0.7 x 1.7 mm.
  • The cleaned water can be used in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, in homes, in commerce, in public buildings and in industry.

How it works

SPEL Sinus filter how it works
  1. Rainwater is led onto the filter cartridge and because of its inclination the water is slowed down.
  2. Because of the smooth surface structure of the filter the dirt is quickly rinsed away into the sewer.
  3. The cleaned rainwater is led through the plastic netting into the tank.

Technical Data

SPEL Sinus filter dimensions

Filter according to DIN 1989-2, Typ C

Connection inlet: DN 100
Outlet into tank: DN 100
Outlet into sewer: DN 100

Height difference between rainwater inlet and outlet 0 mm.

Housing material: Polyethylen

Filter cartridge: Stainless steel 1.4301
Material Poly-Net: Polyethylen

Mesh size: 0.7 x 1.7 mm

Weight: 2.1 kg