SPEL Stormceptor

SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 is a horizontally configured two-chamber Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID), equipped with a gravity enhancing coalescer unit.

For those with medium to low-risk applications, the Stormceptor Class 2 model (with no coalescer) is also available.

The advanced design facilitates a retention period that provides quiescent conditions within the secondary chamber, efficiently promoting the separation of total suspended solids (TSS), light liquids and pollutants.

SPEL treatment devices can accommodate a complete range of flow rates with corresponding pipe size and types.

Key Advantages

SPEL Stormceptor can fit pipe sizes from 160mm to 1500mm, including box culvert designs. Larger sizes are available on request.

An accepted and proven performer in Europe, SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets Australian conditions and complies with the objectives set by the regulating authorities.

SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 is suited as a secondary treatment, removing sediment, suspended solids, hydrocarbons and nutrients.

Treatment dynamics

The unique SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 flow action — in conjunction with the two internally sealed chambers and filter media — ensures permanent quiescent conditions in the primary and secondary separation chamber (no turbulence or agitation). Optimal treatment performance is maintained whilst the device is in ‘bypass mode’.

SPEL Stormceptor Knox City

The SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 function ensures there is no scouring or re-suspension of separated pollutants. This means that the treatment process is maintained — even in flood and tidal zones.

This ensures that the tertiary biological treatment phase (if required) of a stormwater treatment chain is not encumbered with excessive pollutants and can also realise a long life with fewer maintenance frequencies.

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  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance & Storage Areas
  • Transport Depots & Loading Bays
  • Tunnels
  • Highways & Transport Corridors
  • Recycling Yards
  • Airport Aprons & Tarmacs


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