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Our Floating Treatment Media has proven itself a very efficient, low-cost way to enhance municipal wastewater treatment plants. You can retro-fit it to existing facilities with minimal cost or long-term overheads - or work the media into the design of new facilities with low operational costs.

It also offers a truly environmentally-sound and sustainable way of cleaning water - something increasingly important to councils and municipalities.

You can use it in any water environment requiring treatment, and it has a remarkably high effect on:

Himatangi Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Odour mitigation
  • Nitrification processes
  • De-nitrification and polishing
  • Reduction in Bio-chemical oxygen demand
  • Removal of TSS
  • Reduction in faecal coliforms
  • Reduction in phosphorus
  • pH stabilisation

The biological processes occurring within the biomass of the Floating Treatment Media are the same as in activated sludge but have the added advantage of “Symbiosis” and increased microbial activity.


Patented Product

The Floating Treatment Media are produced under license - their construction and technology are all fully patented.

Design & Build

SPEL offer a start-to-finish design and build service, from initial evaluation all the way through to manufacture, installation, and maintenance of the finished product. This lets your own people keep on with their day-to-day tasks - saving you time and money.

The Floating Treatment Media has been extensively tested for these conditions. In fact, we can 3D model the design before we install anything - to be sure it’s engineered to withstand whatever environment we’re going into.


Retrofit to existing assets

Perhaps the greatest advantage of our Floating Treatment Media is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands - even millions - of dollars in land acquisition, building new facilities and hiring new staff to run them.

You might have an oxidation pond, lake or stream that isn’t meeting water quality standards any more - so instead of building a new one, or taking a mechanical approach, we put the Waterclean system straight onto the existing asset.

It’s a relatively straightforward procedure. And we’ll design a custom solution for you - or work with your existing consultants to achieve the same end.

Cost savings

Our Floating Treatment Media takes a low capital investment compared to traditional mechanical systems – especially since you can retrofit it to existing assets, meaning no need to buy land or build new ponds.

It also has very low operating and maintenance costs compared to other systems - and there are no operational energy costs whatsoever.

For example, we installed our Floating Treatment Media on one client’s anaerobic pond to eliminate odour. It was a 100% success, and our client achieved an annual energy cost saving of over $150,000.

Proven effective performance

The treatment process is simple, being completely biological - and highly effective. In fact, the biological nature of the treatment is exactly why it is so effective: because naturally-occurring microbes and symbiotic relationships are unsurpassed as a water-cleaning “system”.

In rigorous scientific studies, our media consistently performed to a far higher standard than required by New Zealand’s water treatment standards.


Floating Treatment Media gives you a lot of options that traditional systems can’t. For example, our system can:

  • Fit into any existing space or water body shape
  • Operate even in extreme climate or environmental conditions
  • Easily be adjusted to concentrate on removing particular pollutants to suit your situation
  • Work without problems on a fluctuating water level
  • Increase your retention times for treatment manipulation
  • It’s modular properties mean that projects can be staged over more than one season

We don’t know of any other treatment system that can be adapted to suit such a wide range of situations with so little effort.

Zero land use

It’s regulation commonplace these days for water treatment demands to outgrow your facilities. With our system, you can avoid the financial - and sometimes political - expense of buying more land to extend your facilities. Plus, in areas where irrigation schemes are used to dispose of treated water, the efficiency of our system in reducing nutrients in treated water means you need less land for the disposal fields.

This isn’t just theory. One local authority we serve, saved financially when we retrofitted a Floating Treatment Media to their existing pond, instead of buying land and constructing an alternative wetland system

Minimal environmental impact

Not only does our Floating Treatment Media require zero land use, but it also has many other environmental credential

  • It takes no power to operate, so you don’t burn fossil fuels or use up electricity
  • The manufacturing process is very low-energy since there are no refined products
  • Using plants from eco-sourced seeds to harmonise with the natural vegetation
  • The treatment process itself satisfies stringent water quality consent requirement, while reducing or eliminating the need for chemical dosing

What Do We Treat

  • Ammonia
  • BOD
  • TSS
  • TN
  • TKN
  • TP
  • DRP

Shannon WWTP

How We Work

No Matter What Your Situation is

  • If you need a full design build, we have the expertise and experience to take care of this without trouble
  • If you need help with an options report, that’s something we do a lot of - both producing reports ourselves, and working alongside consultants who produce them
  • If you’ve got a design already and just need a water treatment installation, that’s no problem either: we can take care of installation for you

Working Alongside Other Consultants

Many of our clients have contractors they’ve worked with for a long time. People they trust, and who understand their needs extremely well. And there’s a lot of value in that professional relationship - to us as well as to them, because working alongside your chosen consultant makes our jobs easier.


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