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Spel Stormsack

Spel Stormsack - 450x450

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Spel Stormsack - 600x600

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Spel Stormsack - 600x900

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Spel Stormsack - 900x900

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Installation Drawings

StormSack Installation Guide - Grated Pit

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StormSack Installation Guide - Grated Pit II

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StormSack Installation Guide - Side Entry Pit

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SPEL StormSack filtration solutions are highly engineered water quality devices that are deployed directly in the stormwater system to capture contaminants close to the surface for ease of maintenance. Easily retrofitted into new or existing structures, SPEL StormSack filtration technology is a decentralized approach to stormwater treatment that essentially re-purposes traditional site infrastructure and customizes it to meet specific site water quality goals. In this way, it satisfies important objectives of today’s LID (Low Impact Development) criteria.

From an operations perspective, catch basins with SPEL Stormsack filters are also easier and quicker to clean out because pollutants are trapped just under the grate.


  1. Durable, aluminum frame construction
  2. (Optional) Integral oil boom effectively captures oil and grease from spills
  3. Patented dovetailed flange – allow 12cm of length/width field adjustment
  4. Polypropylene netting protects sack from suction hose during maintenance
  5. Steel clip with locking tab holds replaceable filter sack in place
  6. Baffled bypass traps floatables

SPEL Stormsack Features

Standard SPEL Stormsack to suit Pit Sizes

  • 450x450mm
  • 600x600mm
  • 900x600mm
  • 900x900mm

Custom sizes (i.e. 1200x900mm) can be manufactured on short lead times.

Specifications & Details

General Description

This technology is a post developed stormwater treatment system. The SPEL StormSack provides effective filtration of solid pollutants and debris typical of urban runoff, while utilising the existing or new storm drain infrastructure. The StormSack is designed to rest on the flanges of conventional catch basin frames and is engineered for most hydraulic and cold climate conditions.

Installation And Maintenance

Installation procedures shall include removing the storm grate, cleaning the ledge of debris and solids, measuring catch basin clear opening and adjusting flanges to rest on grate support ledge. Install SPEL StormSack with splash guard under curb opening so the adjustable flanges are resting on the grate support ledge. Install corner filler pieces. Reinstall storm grate directly on support flanges [rise shall be no more than 1/8 inch (3 mm)].

Maintenance: Typically the SPEL StormSack is serviceable from the street level, and therefore maintenance does not require confined space entry into the catch basin structure. The unit is designed to be maintained in place with a vacuum hose attached to a sweeper or a vactor truck. The oil boom is also designed to easily be replaced from the street level. Use only SPEL replaceable parts.


Material and Design

  1. Adjustable Flange and Deflector: Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6
  2. Splash Guard: neoprene rubber
  3. Stormsack: woven polypropylene geotextile with US Mesh 20
  4. Corner Filler: Aluminum Allow 5052-H32
  5. Lifting Tabs: Aluminum Allow 5052-H32
  6. Replaceable Oil Boom: polypropylene 3 inch (76 mm) diameter
  7. Mesh Liner: HDPE, diamond configuration
  8. Support Hardware: CRES 300 Series


ApplicationRegulatory IssueTarget Pollutants
Council Storm Drain RetrofitsAt-source litter captureSediment, Litter, O&G
Commercial/Retail/ResidentialStormwater Compliance Sediment, Litter, O&G
Litter Prone Urban AreasCost effective litter control Litter ! 5 mm
Scrap Metal/Solid Waste/Oil Storage/EtcIndustrial Multi-Sector General Permit Gross Pollutants, O&G
Part of Treatment TrainCouncil Stormwater Quality Improvement Targets Sediment, Litter, O&G
Construction Sediment/ErosionSediment Control Plan Sediment/Erosion Control


  • Low cost gross pollutant capture
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • At source capture
  • Adjust to custom pit sizes

Field Performance

The SPEL Stormsack was introduced to the Australian market in 2012 and field testing is underway at several locations in South-east Queensland. Laboratory testing has shown capture of 99.99% of gross pollutants up to the bypass flow rate.* Further results will be provided as they become available.



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