SPEL Penstocks

The penstock is a standardised penstock with sizes up to a diameter of 2000 mm to meet pressures of up to 5 meter water column both on- and off seating.

Penstocks can also be supplied for rectangular openings, with or without a flush invert bottom. On request we can also supply penstocks with higher water pressure.

SPEL penstocks are made of a combination from HDPE and stainless steel. Because of his characteristics, HDPE has a lot of advantages, compared with the use of traditional materials.

HDPE is corrosion free, has good chemical resistance, low density and lightweight, high flexibility and easy to machine. This results in a product that has a very long service life. Furthermore, no special coatings are needed. It is very flexible in design and easy to handle. Ensuring minimal maintenance and the highest user friendliness.

SPEL Penstocks


Model Type Sizes
HDPE Penstock PRA-G Wall Mounting With diameter ø 150 - 400 mm
With diameter ø 500 - 2000 mm
With diameter ø 150 x 150 - 300 x 300 mm
With diameter ø 400 x 400 - 1200 x 1200 mm
With rectangular passage db x dh
HDPE Penstock PRA-FI Flush invert With flush invert / rectangular passage db x dh
HDPE Penstocks PRA-GDS Weir penstock (opening downwards) With downwards opening door
HDPE Penstock PATK-G Penstock and Flap valve combination Penstock and Flap valve combination
HDPE Penstock PCA-G Combination Penstock Combination Penstock
HDPE Pipe valve PLA-P Pipe valve With diameter Ø 160 - 500 mm
HDPE Pipe valve PLA-F Pipe valve With diameter Ø 150 - 500 mm

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