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SPEL Hydrosystem 400

SPEL Hydrosystem

The Hydrosystem 400 is a specialised rainwater filter which can be installed directly in the ground, for heavily contaminated areas.

It is available with various filter types, depending on the usage of the connected area.

The Roof type is used for roof areas that do not have a significant proportion of uncoated metals; the Metal type is employed for metal roof areas, and the Traffic type is used for slightly polluted traffic areas. The Heavy Traffic type is employed for heavily polluted traffic areas. The maximum areas that may be drained depend on the nature of the surfaces.


Type Nature of the surface to be drained Weight of filter element / piece
heavy traffic Highly polluted traffic areas (car parks in front of supermarkets, main roads, HGV access roads) 24 kg
traffic Slightly polluted traffic areas (side streets, staff car parks, yards) 27 kg
roof Roofs without a significant proportion of uncoated metals (< 50m²) 27 kg
metal Roofs made of uncoated metals (copper, zinc, lead) 27 kg

How it works

SPEL Hydrosystem how it works
  1. The rainwater from the connected area is fed into the basal section of the filter housing. The angled inlet generates a radial flow pattern.
  2. The hydrodynamic separator converts turbulent waters into a radial laminar flow pattern, generating particle sedimentation, particularly of the sand fraction.
  3. This takes place over an inlet to the lower section of the filter shaft. The sediment is retained in a silt trap chamber below the separator. The silt trap can be withdrawn for cleaning, and has an integral cleaning port to the side to ease dirt removal, (see point 6 on the diagram).
  4. In the central section of the filter housing is the actual filter, Filter Roof. The filter element filters out the fine materials in an up-flow process and dissolved materials are precipitated and adsorbed. The filter is backwashed from above. When exhausted the filter is easily exchanged.
  5. The filter element is easily pulled up and removed from the shaft housing.

Technical Data

Rainwater filter complying with DIN 1989-2, Type b. Connections at DN110.

Filter Element:
Material: Filter Substrate: Traffic
Weight 25 kg

Material: Polyethylene
Housing: 7 kg

Telescopic Extension Tube:
Material: Polyethylene
Weight: 5 kg

Total weight: 37 kg (without Telescopic Extension).

Product Components

SPEL Hydrosystem Product Components
  1. Rainwater inlet
  2. Separator
  3. Sediment basket
  4. Maintenance opening for cleaning
  5. Removal Handle, chamber removal
  6. Rubber seal (Ø 30 mm)
  7. Filter element with substrate and cover made of stainless steel
  8. Lifting eye for filter removal
  9. Latch for buoyancy protection (2 off)
  10. Emergency overflow
  11. Cleaned water outlet to tank or to infiltration system
  12. Telescopic extension