SPEL Electrocoagulation

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SPEL electrocoagulation is the distinct economic and environmental choice for meeting water treatment discharge standards and compliance requirements. Capital and operating costs are greatly improved in comparison to traditional technologies with distinct process advantages.

The SPEL electrocoagulation process destabilises suspended, emulsified and dissolved contaminants in an aqueous medium by introducing an electrical current into the medium. The electrical current provides the electromotive force to drive the chemical reactions. When reactions are driven or forced, the elements or compounds will approach the most stable state. As this occurs, the contaminants form hydrophobic entities precipitate and can easily be removed by a number of secondary separation techniques.


The SPEL EDA TT process destabilises suspended, emulsified and dissolved contaminants in an aqueous medium.

The process has been proven effective for a wide range of contaminants:

  • Removes heavy metals such as oxides that pass TCLP (Toxic Classification Leaching Procedure)
  • Removes suspended and colloidal solids
  • Removal of dissolved solids
  • Breaks oil emulsions in water
  • Removes fats, oil and grease
  • Removes complex organics
  • Destroys and removes bacteria and viruses
  • Processes multiple contaminants
SPEL EDA Treatment Train Application


EC Module – Electrocoagulation

SPEL offers technologies for water and waste water treatment applications. SPEL cartridge configured Electrocoagulation reactors are available in different sizes for incrementally larger flow rates up to 450 litres per minute per reactor.


  • No chemical dosing for coagulation
  • 50% > 90% less power usage than traditional EC systems
  • 10 L/M > 450 L/M Flow rates per module
  • 0 > 120.000 microsiemens
  • pH buffering
SPEL Electrocoagulation - EC Module
SPEL Electrocoagulation - DAF Module

DAF Module – Dissolved Air Floatation


  • 1/2 footprint of standard DAF systems
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No compressor required
  • No compressed air tank required
  • SKID mounted

AFM Module – Activated Filter Media


  • The only glass activated filter media
  • Electro-mechanical filtration media
  • Very hydrophilic electrically charged surface
  • High surface catalytic oxidation potential
  • Self sterilising (will not biofoul, reduces legionella risk)
SPEL Electrocoagulation - AFM Module

Key Advantages

  • Proven effective for a wide range of contaminants such as removing heavy metals, suspended and colloidal solids, complex organics, etc.
  • Reduces/eliminates Anoxic Zones, Anaerobic Zones, Aerobic Zones, Chemical Batching and Coagulant Dosing.
  • Reduced footprint, operation costs water consumption and operation complexity


  • Sewage Treatment
  • Water Treatment
  • Mining Process Water Treatment
  • Pre-Treatment For Ro Desalination
  • Vehicle Wash Down
  • Industrial/Commercial Process Water
  • Treatment
  • Stormwater Re-Use
  • Boiler Water Treatment
SPEL EDA Treatment Train Application

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