SPEL Puraceptor

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SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows. It is to be sized to contain more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage — enabling it to be fully operational in treating stormwater runoff at all times. It has two chambers, a coalescer and is fitted with an automatic closure device specifically designed to contain major oil spills, thereby making it suitable for high-risk applications. It achieves a water discharge quality of less than 5mg light liquids per litre, complying with European Standard BS EN 858.1. 2006. Treatable flow rates range from 2LPS to 200LPS. Pipe sizes range from 100mm to 450mm (larger sizes on request).

Made in Australia

Key Advantages

Automatic Closure Device

The Automatic Closure Device (A.C.D.) is precisely engineered to be sensitive to any change in water density, as a consequence of light liquids build up. This automatically activates a process of depressing the A.C.D. to shut off the separator, preventing pollutants from discharging to drains and waterways

Full retention

All liquid is treated. There is no by-pass operation.

Coalescer equipped

Provides a coalescing process for the separation of smaller globular light liquid pollutants to reduce the light liquid content in the outlet to 5mg/litre or less.

Inlet dip pipe–flame trap

This provides minimum turbulence and prevents fire and inflammable vapours passing through to the drainage system.

SPEL Puraceptor Oil Spill Animation

SPEL Puraceptor Shell Gawler

Two chamber

A non-turbulent flow, through two horizontal treatment chamber, utilises the underflow principle to retain light liquids in all flow conditions.

  • Containment chamber: Where Total Suspended Solids (TSS) silt, sediments, sludge and gross pollutants are trapped and settle on the chamber floor and where light liquids are contained.
  • Coalescer chamber: Where light liquids separation is enhanced reducing it to 5mg/litre or less prior to discharge.

Gravity operated

Will function in the event of power failure and fits into existing pipe drainage systems or new sites.


Easy and safe, with no entering of the tank required.

2 Chamber or Single Chamber

In a single chamber oil-water separator, the Coalescer is exposed to the hydrocarbon spill and therefore treatment efficacy is compromised.

In a spill situation, the single chamber system will not retain the stormwater discharge quality that these systems are installed for.

Why choose a single chamber?

The single chamber is a cost effective unit for use on service stations, however the application should be carefully selected.

These systems are suitable for use within areas that will not receive direct rainfall (under canopy) as they can only treat low flows.

The other cost to weigh up is that they have no guarantee discharge quality in the situation of a spill.

Two chamber are Better than One!

Chamber comparison

Why choose the 2 chamber Puraceptor?

As the 2 chamber Puraceptor has been tested and proven in Australia, both in the lab and field, it complies with Australian regulations and guidelines and will provide a guaranteed water quality in spill conditions.

Due to the superior Coalescer design and the fact that the Auto Closure Device (ACD) operates as a separate function to the Coalescer, the 2 chamber Puraceptor is the choice of over 99% of sites in Australia.

Puraceptor Two chamber

SPEL Puraceptor (Two chamber)

  • Guaranteed water quality in spill conditions
  • Tested & proven in Australia both lab and field
  • Suitable for high risk areas
  • Superior Coalescer design
  • Auto Closure Device to protect the Coalescer
  • Enough Spill Containment Capacity during storm event
  • Considerable saving on Pump out Costs
  • Easy & cheap maintenance
  • Oil Alert Probe for Safety
  • Flame Trap
  • Functional in tidal condition
  • Minimum turbulence
Spillceptor One chamber

Spillceptor (One Chamber)

  • Cannot guarantee to maintain BS EN 858 water quality in major spill scenario
  • Medium risk oil/fuel storage and handling areas
  • Cheaper option but high risk of failure in water quality when major spill occurs
  • Coalescer not protected from spill and therefore water quality discharge cannot be guaranteed
  • Pump out saving
  • Oil Alert Probe for Safety
  • Limited Spill Containment Capacity
  • Reduced Treatment Zone
  • No “Quiescent” Zone


  • Power stations
  • Substations and switchyards
  • Mining and heavy vehicle
  • Windfarms
  • Waste transfer depots
  • Re-fuelling areas
  • Service stations
  • Asphalt plants

SPEL Puraceptor Installation

Coalescer Units

Coalescer units are easy to maintain and easily washable even without maintenance for years.

It provides a coalescing process for the separation of smaller globular light liquid pollutants to reduce the light liquid content in the outlet to 5mg/litre or less.

Cleaning Coalescer Units


Coalescer Guiderails

  • Facilitates easy insertion
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Incorporated into SPEL Puraceptors and SPEL Stormceptors Class 1
  • Fixed brackets
  • Fixed stainless steel guide rail
  • Unit guided at correct angle into conical base
Coalescer Units


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