SPEL 3d Printing Capability

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We have recently purchased a 3D Printer for research & development, and it has been working overtime!


We have been perfecting our models, designs and components with it and have started to inventory our entire range, product by product, so next time you meet with a SPEL staff member don’t be surprised if they walk in holding a scale model of one of our many great products.

Check out the images below.

SPEL Stormsack

SPEL Filter

SPEL Hydrochannel

SPEL Puraceptor


3d Printed Miniatures

3d printing is a relatively new technology but based on the quality of these miniatures alone, we expect to use it for more things in the future.

About SPEL Research and Development

At SPEL Environmental, we have a strong focus on continuous improvement – constantly developing solutions to deal with the increasing pressures on the environment and its water systems.
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