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C17 Hangar and Apron Facilities

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SPEL Puraceptor and SPEL Tankstor

Location: Amberley RAAF Airbase, Ipswich QLD

Products: 5 x Large SPEL Puraceptors and SPEL Tankstor Storage Tank

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Project Update: Floating Wetlands Trial at Lockyer Valley Sewerage Treatment Facility

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Forest Hill Treatment Plant Floating Wetlands - Turtles

In September 2014, Queensland Urban Utilities launched a new trial involving SPEL floating wetlands to purify waste water at the Forest Hill Sewage Treatment Plant, near Laidley. As reported by ABC, these floating wetlands have been used…

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SPEL Puraceptor Field Performance in Australia

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puraceptor easy lifting

According to research, significant amounts of fuel spilt at petrol (gas) refilling stations can be carried away with stormwater runoff into drainage networks or groundwater causing environmental and public health concerns.

European Standards for Hydrocarbon Capture Testing

Hydrocarbon separator systems have a specific test procedure…

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Floating Wetlands to Reduce Nutrient and Algae Growth in Clifton, QLD

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clifton floating wetlands wide

Toowoomba Regional Council has installed a new floating wetland in the Clifton wastewater treatment plant reclamation pond system to act as a natural filter system and improve the performance of the facility. Clifton is located in Queensland, about 2 hours from Brisbane. …

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New York City Trial Floating Wetlands for Jamaica Bay

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jamaica bay floating wetlands

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is using floating, vegetated wetlands as wave attenuators in Jamaica Bay.

These floating treatment media are part of a pilot project which aim to protect the decreasing marsh shorelines. The 2-year pilot program will cost…

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