Accredited Fibreglass Tank Installers


At SPEL Environmental we strive for excellence, so we take action to ensure that our staff and our partners are qualified. This ensures that our clients get the most value from our projects with them.

To be qualified as one of our Accredited Installers, you must

  • 1. Fill up the application form
  • 2. We'll send you the examination password within 48 business hours.
  • 3. Pass our accreditation exam


Once you have the password. You may take the online accreditation test by clicking the button below.

  • Pass 100% - Certificate of Completion will be e-mailed to you within 48 business hours
  • If you fail, we will advise you via e-mail within 48 business hours to re-sit the accreditation test

Approved Installers

State Name Contact # Email Company Approval Date
NSW Phillip Yates (02) 9997 8911 [email protected] Aspect Design and Development Pty Ltd 07 October 2017
QLD Misha Scott (04) 7711 1716 [email protected] Phoenix Fuel Systems 3 July 2017
QLD Gerard Rooks (04) 4709 3741 [email protected] OPEC Systems 9 August 2017
QLD Ben Nevett (07) 3890 4712 [email protected] NQPetro 28 August 2017
QLD Rob Weaver (04) 2051 8742 [email protected] NQPetro 28 August 2017
QLD David Dickinson (07) 4054 5100 [email protected] NQPetro 04 September 2017
QLD Daniel Van Zwol (04) 3831 0284 [email protected] NQPetro 04 September 2017
QLD Michael Forsyth (04) 1818 0367 [email protected] Fluid Installations 05 September 2017
QLD Shane Tibbey (04) 3831 0020 [email protected] NQPetro 05 September 2017
QLD Tim Slevin (04) 2056 8709 [email protected] NQPetro 05 September 2017
QLD Richard Hunter (04) 5872 3293 [email protected] Enviropacific Services 14 September 2017
QLD Phil Rock (04) 3840 0896 [email protected] Enviropacific Services 26 September 2017
QLD Brett Roberts (04) 3972 2182 [email protected] Enviropacific Services 07 October 2017
SA Andrew Hill (08) 8346 9500 [email protected] Bella Build & Design 14-June-2017


At SPEL Environmental, we do not just speak about our commitment to the environment, we take action to ensure a better future for our families, friends and everyone.

We are constantly looking to improve our products and services to bring more values to our clients and their projects. We also engage with reputable industry partners to ensure better industry standards and organise frequent conferences.

Remember at SPEL Environmental, we are the water specialists.

Quality Products & Systems

Our commitment is unmatched in the industry and is constantly improving our products and services as demonstrated by our ongoing accreditation for Quality and Environmental Management.

ISO 9001:2008 - Quality
ISO 14001:200 - Environmental

Industry Partners

Our industry experience and expertise in providing high-quality water solutions has enabled us to obtain preferred-supplier status with many councils and government authorities around Australia, New Zealand, UK and other countries.

Stormwater Australia

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory

Queensland University of Technology

Modular Wetlands

university of warwick


Water Sensitive Cities

University of South Australia

University of Sunshine Coast
The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia

Waterclean Technologies

Griffith University