SPEL Research and Development

At SPEL Environmental, we have a strong focus on continuous improvement – constantly developing solutions to deal with the increasing pressures on the environment and its water systems.

In keeping with our commitment to the improvement of the world’s water and wastewater quality, we work with five respected universities - Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of Sunshine Coast (USC), University of South Australia, Griffith University and University of Warwick (UK). With these establishments we undertake lab and field-testing to confirm product performance. We also work closely with Manly Hydraulics Laboratory in full-scale lab testing new products.

Queensland University of Technology

University of South Australia

Griffith University

University of Sunshine Coast

university of warwick

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory


Field-testing for improved water quality

We work on high quality solutions for stormwater pollutant removal. SPEL undertakes “proof of concept”, full-scale testing in the laboratory to demonstrate a product has potential in controlled, predictable conditions. Our main emphasis then becomes field-testing these products to ensure they will deliver in real world, unpredictable applications.

The universities are engaged to independently conduct the field testing on all SPEL water quality improvement devices and report on the results.

A constantly changing environment

Most importantly, to provide highly efficient and effective water improvement solutions, we are abreast of the many stringent and constantly changing requirements of water sensitive urban design.

Our philosophy of continuous improvement through research also means that the team at SPEL is always at the forefront of water quality innovation working with engineers (both environmental and civil) and planners to find unique solutions to real world challenges.