Innovative Stormwater Improvement Solutions

Stormwater Specialist With Over 45 Years of Experience

Over 45 Years of Experience

In the design, testing and manufacture of water treatment systems.

Innovative & Turnkey service

We understand each project offers its own unique challenges.

Huge range of products

We have the answer for every water problem you face.

Research & Development

SPEL is associated with renowned academic authorities.

Complimentary Modelling Service

We employ Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) to aid in decision making.


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SPEL Unique Benefits

Our goal is to be the leader in water & waste water industry and with over 40 years of experience, SPEL will add more value to your projects.

Complimentary Modelling Service

Design Assistance

Simple Installation

Easy Operation & Maintenance


SPEL has the answers to your problems.

StormWater Solution


Service Station

Service Station

Detention and Retention

Detention & Retention

Mining, Oil & Gas

Mining, Oil & Gas

Municipal WasterWater

Municipal WasteWater

Industrial WasteWater

Industrial WasteWater

Treatment Stages

1. Primary Treament

Remove gross pollutants

2. Secondary Treatment

Remove fine particles, sedimentation, & attached pollutants

3. Tertiary Treatment

Remove very fine/colloidal particulates, dissolved nutrients, & heavy metals

4. Back to Environment

Clean, treated water flows back to the environment

Our Products

SPEL offers a huge range of products for every water problem you have.

SPEL Puraceptor

SPEL Puraceptor

SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows and can be sized to contain more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage.

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SPEL Stormsack

SPEL StormSack

SPEL StormSack filtration solutions are installed directly in the stormwater drainage system to capture contaminants close to the surface.

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SPEL Floating Wetlands


Floating wetlands have proven efficient and low-cost enhancements to municipal wastewater treatment plants - either retrofitted or encompassed.

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SPEL Stormchamber Home Page Thumb

SPEL Stormchamber

SPEL Stormchamber helps counter drought conditions by maintaining groundwater base flow to streams.

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About SPEL

Our Mission

Engender and maintain a culture of ingenuity that continuously contributes to the improvement of the world’s water and waste water quality and compliance standards.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the water and waste water industry that provides the gateway to best practice, competitive solutions.

About SPEL

Our Services

Our services and technical support includes:

  • MUSIC Modelling
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

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